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It's Always an Adventure...

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Birthday Relaxation

Long time, no post... It's hard balancing a full time job with part time adventures, particularly when said job gets very, very busy in the spring. And by very, very busy I mean: writing reports at home rather than writing blog posts at home. Alas, things are finally starting to calm down and I am able to devote more time to blogging before the summer adventures commence. I guess most would argue its full time adventuring but that's an argument for another day. I will do my best to recap the previous five months (but seriously, it's been that long) as best as I can. Without further ado:

After a pretty epic trip to Cuba (yes, who knew we Americans could even visit Cuba...), I flew one of my favorite airlines, JetBlue, back home to Buffalo, New York for the holidays. My brother likes to joke that I am some international smuggler because the morning after landing at 12:08am on Thursday night/Friday morning, I got a few hours of sleep before getting my haircut Friday morning and heading to Canada with my mom for our annual Great Escape to the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa. This year was extra special not only because we stayed for two nights but because it was my birthday!!!

A mere four hour drive and border crossing later, we arrived to our Winter Wonderland escape. I love the JW Marriott Muskoka for so many reasons it's difficult for me to put them into words! I mean, upon entering our room - complete with fireplace and kitchenette - I was greeted with a birthday card, half dozen chocolate covered strawberries, and a bottle of champagne! Turns out I ended up getting pretty sick and the champagne "turn up" resulted in honey and lemon tea and an early bedtime... compliments of the resort after a cocktail near the fireplace and an amazing birthday dinner at Teca, the Italian restaurant on property! We've had the pleasure of eating at Teca during every visit to the Rosseau because it's just that good. I am always tempted by the restaurant's signature lobster ravioli but opted for an amazing Roast Beetroot and Goat Cheese Risotto this time around. Really, what's better than creamy arborio rice, roast beet purée, goat cheese, parmesan, and herbs? Melted in my mouth!

Another huge perk of the resort are all the free activities. Unfortunately it was too early in the season for us to go on the ice skating rink (it wasn't quite frozen yet) but I was able to put my snowshoes to good use and I had my choice as to whether I wanted to take a dip in the indoor or outdoor pool afterwards.

Of course my other favorite activity is simply lounging around the room - relaxing and reading - while enjoying the fireplace and view.

We always have the best time here... Between the views, drinks, restaurant choices, indoor/outdoor pool, spa, fireplaces - both inside and out, and countless activities, the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka is the perfect weekend getaway destination.

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