Exploring Possibilities

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

About Me

Hi! Welcome! My name is Krista, I'm a 20-something who loves exploring, adventuring, experiencing, traveling, and basically getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, New York...Growing up I always found myself with a very full plate (both literally and figuratively; you'll see I am a foodie at heart). I tried to get involved in everything - field hockey, student council, resident assistant, research assistance, leadership development manager, so on and so forth... Ultimately finding my way to Los Angeles, California not once, but twice, and both of which were accompanied by cross-country road-trips. This time it seems like my cat and I are here to stay. Bentley enjoys lounging around in the window soaking up the California sun while I'm overfilling that plate once again. 

Hiking and adventuring is no different from all those other extracurricular activities I learned from and experienced while "growing up." Only this time I am setting purposeful intentions to live in the present moment and enjoy each and every sound, smell, and sight throughout the journey.


So, join me as I explore as much as possible in my "free time." While I work full-time as a School Psychologist, my weekends and breaks are filled with adventure. Join me along the way and discover new places to add to your bucket list. 


Questions, Comments, or Suggestions for places to visit?

Leave a note below and enjoy your stay!