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52 Hike Challenge

52 Hike Challenge

The first post. Even though I have been hiking since I was a few months old, I only seriously encountered my love for the outdoors about a year and a half ago. Taking in new sights and experiences while simply walking around allowed me to

"Backpacking" with Mom in Allegany State Park

experience the true tranquility and therapy the outdoors can provide. Having heard about the 52 Hike Challenge last year, I made a commitment to myself: I was going to hike at least once a week during 2017. The 52 Hike Challenge is essentially a global movement started by Karla and Phillip in order to "empower people to take a personal journey to discover the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits gained through hiking..."

The 52 Hike Challenge is the foundation of my first blog post because it fueled my passion for the outdoors in ways I could never have imagined.

On June 29th, 2017 I completed the goal I set out to accomplish this year; I completed the 52 Hike Challenge. In deciding to start the challenge, I simply wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and explore California, having just moved here a year ago. I wanted to disconnect from the demands of a mentally taxing job and connect with nature. However, throughout the course of the 52 Hike Challenge, I did more than that. I gained perseverance, determination, discipline, confidence, and recognized the healing powers of the outdoors. I engaged in constant thinking, reflected, and ultimately grew as a person. The challenge gave me the strength to better myself for myself and to be vulnerable to meet new people and continuously look forward. I spent many, many miles reflecting on the past, the present, and the future and look forward to continuing personal growth through this “outdoor therapy.” Thanks to the 52 Hike Challenge, I am beginning to surround myself with people who see me and appreciate me for my worth and value in addition to setting intentions to appreciate each and every sound, smell, and sight throughout my never ending journey. This challenge made me realize the possibilities are endless.

I will be highlighting several of the hikes I completed for the challenge in upcoming blog posts. Be sure to check back soon and in the meantime, here's to the next 52!

Co-founder of the 52 Hike Challenge, Karla!

52 Hikes... And Counting!

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