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It's Always an Adventure...

Travel Tips

On My Body:

In My Fanny Pack:



  • Shirt: Patagonio All Weather Zip-Neck Shirt (Size Medium, Color Open Oceans Tailored Grey) I wear this shirt on every trip. I swear by it. It is antimicrobial, enough said.

  • Pant: Prana Halle Pant

  • Shoes: Salomon XUltra

  • Socks: Anything wool.. Smartwool or Icebreaker are good brands.

  • Underwear: Exofficio

  • Bra: Patagonio Barely Sports Bra

  • Head Net: I don’t leave home without this one. Trust me. Bring it.

  • Sun Gloves: Outdoor Research Gloves, I have the half finger gloves, but I would recommend the full finger gloves for a multiple day trip. My fingers get really dried out and I think the full finger gloves would help.

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