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It's Always an Adventure...

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The Integratron: My First Sound Bath

Long time no posts, my apologies. Instead of blogging about the epic adventures I've been experiencing the past month and a half (and boy, there are a lot... more on those coming soon), I am throwing it back to October when I had the opportunity to experience my first Sound Bath at The Integratron in Landers, California!

Located a mere 25-30 minutes from the Joshua Tree National Park Visitors Center and knowing I had to be in Joshua Tree for the Wilderness Travel Course graduation, I opted to check out the highly anticipated Integratron. So, what on Earth am I talking about? I'll do my best to explain... According to the website, the Integratron is "the fusion of art, science, and magic." And, well, that's really all I got. Kidding... Sort of.

I actually missed the parking area on my first go around but it brought me to this neat historic plaque describing the Integratron. I turned around, parked, and entered what I would soon discover was a desert oasis. There was an outdoor waiting area complete with a lounging area (hammocks!), clean restrooms, and plenty of photo opportunities, plus a gift shop. I arrived 20-30 minutes early as suggested and really took the time to explore the premises and begin the ultimate relaxation.

Moving onto the actual Sound Bath... It was magic, pure magic. I entered the Integratron and was totally taken aback. It's a historical structure created by George Van Tassel who "claimed that the structure is based on the design of Moses' Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla, and the telepathic directions from extraterrestrials." The building itself is completely one-of-a-kind, 38-feet-high, 55-feet in diameter, and made of all wood! Not too mention the location of the dome building is on a geomagnetic vortex in the Mojave, meaning the geomagnetic forces concentrate and amplify the Earth's magnetic field. Really powerful stuff here. The first floor is almost like a lounge - and I loved the way it's decorated, especially because there are historical signage all around. Those undergoing the Sound Bath climb a short ladder to where the magic (err, relaxation) happens...

I guess now is a good time to mention there is no water involved in the Sound Bath. Rather, you are bathed in the magical sounds of quartz crystal bowls played live. I had signed up for a public bath with approximately 30 people in total (only a few snorers). The bath was an hour in duration and I drifted into a meditative state about five minutes in and came back to with about five minutes to spare (thanks to the movement of my neighbors).

All in all, during the Sound Bath hour I was quite possibly more relaxed than I had ever been before. The sounds of the quartz crystal bowls bouncing off the sound chamber allowed me to experience deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and introspection. Honestly, it's so hard to describe what exactly the Integratron and Sound Baths are so I will just end this by saying, you have to go and experience it for yourself. I know I cannot wait to go back and to bring friends and family so they can experience the magic as well.

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